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Library Transition FAQ: Home

Information about the library transition for WDT Staff, Faculty, and Students.

What's happening with the partnership between Rapid City Public Libraries and Western Dakota Tech?

For more information, please see the Current Happenings at the Library blog.

Will we still have a library at WDT?

Yes! The library at WDT will continue to operate to serve the students, faculty and staff of Western Dakota Tech. See below for our new hours of operation. 

How will these changes affect me?

The changes you experience will depend on your patron type:

WDT students, faculty and staff: You can continue to enjoy all the great services you've come to expect from your campus library. We have 16 desktop computers with MS Office 2013 installed and printing/copying/scanning capabilities. In addition to our core print collection, we also offer a wide variety of digital resources available 24/7 at our website. Your WDT librarians, Sheila and Courtney, will continue to be available for research help. The library also houses the Student Success Center, which offers peer tutoring, academic success workshops, and much more. 

Not a WDT student or staff member: As of May 8, 2015 the Rapid City Public Libraries will cease public library operations at our location. The WDT library will no longer house a portion of RCPL's collection at our facility (removal of RCPL items to their downtown location is already underway). As of the date listed above, we will no longer be offering public computer access; we will no longer be able to offer hold pickup, and we will no longer be able to accept returns of RCPL materials. Children's story time has already been discontinued at the WDT facility. 

When will these changes take place?

Rapid City Public Libraries will cease their operations of public library services at WDT on Friday, May 8, 2015. The library will close at 5:00pm on May 8, and reopen at 7:30am on Monday, May 11.

However, RCPL has already begun transporting their materials back downtown. If you are conducting research and are in need of a book that RCPL owns, please see Sheila or Courtney in the library for assistance. Students: start planning now for your end of the semester papers and projects!

When should I settle my account issues (returns, fines, replacement costs)?

Non-student patrons should return all WDT owned materials by May 8, 2015 regardless of their original due date and settle any existing fines/replacement costs at that time.

Likewise, WDT students should return all RCPL owned materials by May 8, 2015 regardless of their original due date and settle any existing fines/replacement costs. 

How do I know which library my books belong to?

What will happen to Sheila and Courtney?

Sheila and Courtney will continue to be fabulous! As employees of WDT, we look forward to serving our campus community in new and exciting ways after the transition. 

What are the WDT library's new hours of operation?

We do not anticipate that our new hours will have a major impact on students, as we are a commuter campus and we maintain a robust digital presence through our website, databases, and LibGuides.

Effective May 9, 2015 our new operating hours will be:



The library will no longer be offering evening and weekend hours. Students, please plan accordingly for projects and assignments during finals week. If you have a question during our non-operational hours, email and then check back periodically to see if the question has been answered. 

Will I still be able to use the computers and print in the library?

Yes, students, staff and faculty will continue to have access to the computers and printer in the library. Although the login process may change, we do not anticipate any interruption in computer services for our campus users. We will provide additional information as we approach the transition date-- watch this spot!

Will I still be able to check out books in the library?

Yes, WDT maintains its own collection of print books that will be available for students and faculty to use. We also have over 136,000 full-text eBooks available along with other digital resources

The primary focus of our collection development will be highly-regarded and instructor recommended non-ficiton titles related to the programs offered by the institution. We will be adding a small fiction collection and will continue to offer books on CD, popular magazines, and newspapers for recreational reading. 

Can I donate books to the WDT library?

Yes, although at this time we are only looking to add to our fiction/non-fiction recreational reading collection. We would prefer that donations be kept to new and popular titles, as listed in the clickable document below. Our non-fiction collection is program-based so we are not looking for unsolicited donations at this time. Donations that do not fit our criteria may be placed on the discard table for others to enjoy. If you are ever in doubt about making a donation, please contact the library!

Will I still be able to take a proctored exam in the library?

Yes, WDT students will be able to complete proctored exams in the library. Remember, our hours of operation are changing as of May 9. Please plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to complete your proctored exam between the hours of 7:30am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. 

Will I still be able to request RCPL items and have them brought to WDT?

Unfortunately, no. Transfers between libraries are made possible by joint staffing and after May 8, 2015, the Rapid City Public Libraries will no longer staff our location. If you have a public library card you may still place items on hold through RCPL's website, but they will have to be picked up at either the downtown location or the North branch at General Beadle elementary. 

Will I be able to use my WDT Student ID as a library card at RCPL?

It is our understanding that to borrow from the Rapid City Public Libraries you will need to sign up for a public library card at one of their locations. Students, faculty, and staff who do not live in Pennington County will need to pay an annual fee for access to the Rapid City Public Libraries' materials. 

Whether you are an in-county or out-of-county student, please see your WDT librarians for program-related titles you'd like to see added to the WDT library's collection. We have the ability to borrow from other libraries at no cost; we may also consider purchasing the book you're looking for if it meets our collection development criteria. As always, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time when requesting an Interlibrary Loan or new purchase. 

How do I know which library my books belong to?

Simply locate the white barcode sticker on the front (or, less commonly, the back) of your item. Materials owned by WDT will say "Western Dakota Technical Institute" at the top, while materials owned by RCPL will say "Rapid City Public Library" at the top, as pictured below:

I have RCPL items checked out on my WDT Student ID. What should I do?

You may continue to return your RCPL items to the WDT library until May 8, 2015. After this date, it is your responsibility to make sure the items are returned to RCPL. The WDT library will no longer be able to accept returns for items not owned by WDT. Failure to return RCPL items to RCPL will result in fines.