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Research & Writing Skills: Research & Writing Skills

A guide for paper research and writing skills.

Looking for APA Help?

Be sure to stop by our Style Guide, which has resources about APA, MLA, and avoiding plagiarism.

The Research Process

The Research Process in 11 Easy Steps

  • 1: Choose a possible topic.
  • 2: Do preliminary research.
  • 3: Develop a research question.
  • 4: Find and read library and Web sources.
  • 5: Create a tentative thesis statement and outline.
  • 6: Write out a draft.
  • 7: Do additional research and revise your draft.
  • 8: Prepare a bibliography / works cited list.
  • 9: Prepare the final draft.
  • 10: Proofread.
  • 11: Submit the final draft.

Welcome to the Research & Writing Skills Guide!

The Research & Writing Skills guide is here to help you navigate the wealth of information available from the library. In this guide, you will find:

  • books about research & writing
  • databases to conduct research
  • websites about the writing process
  • videos about writing and research

If you have any questions or suggestions for this guide, please contact The Library @ WDT!

The Writing Process

The Writing Process

  • Prewriting-Think & Gather Ideas
  • Drafting-Write Ideas Down
  • Revising-Improve Your Content
  • Editing-Polish Your Writing
  • Publishing-Turn It In!

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